Create Your Own Small Order, Eco-Friendly & Natural Skincare With Jai Life

Are you a beauty salon owner, entrepreneur, importer,
cosmetic wholesaler, beauty blogger or pharmacy owner?
Do you wish to manufacture skincare in affordable and small quantities
to help you make your cosmetic and skincare dream come true? We can help!

NEW! Skincare & Cosmetic Re-packing Service

We can help you re-pack your skincare and cosmetic products in bulk or wholesale into the containers of your choice.
Talk to us about our special re-packing services today!

Always wished that you could have your own brand of natural, eco-friendly skincare? Yet you know that most cosmetic and skincare manufacturers only accept big orders.

Your own brand of cosmetic and skincare products can be made possible with Jai Life. We accept small orders, even as small as 1 kg orders!


Skincare Without Harmful Chemicals

We believe it is possible to create good quality cosmetic and skincare that’s not only kind to me and you but also kind to Mother Earth.

We’re two sisters who believe we deserve skincare that rejuvenates our skin in the simplest ways, naturally; yet free from harmful chemicals and with minimum environmental impact.

Our CGMP-compliant production and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia is set up to specifically produce skincare without harmful chemicals (and we encourage you to visit us to see for yourself!). Our nourishing and invigorating skincare products fulfill the requirements set by international halal certifying bodies like Malaysia’s JAKIM as well as IFRC Asia, a member of the World Halal Council.

All ingredients and raw materials in our eco-friendly skincare are derived naturally from plants and herbs. Our skincare is made to order in small batches with natural preservatives. Whenever preservatives can be omitted, we will omit them from our skincare in line with our eco-friendly beliefs. Plus sensitive skin users can rejoice as our skincare does not contain artificial fragrances.

Jai Life founders, Wai Kit and Wai Peng

Jai Life founders, Wai Kit and Wai Peng

International Dealership Opportunities

Work with us to bring Jai Life skincare products into your country.


For International Importers

As a skincare retailer in your home country, you understand the needs of your consumer market and would like to try a range of specially formulated skincare for sensitive skin. Work with us to bring Jai Life skincare products in your market. Our skincare range is manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities and comply with the strictest regulatory compliance. Our formulation is guaranteed free from harmful preservatives and nasty chemicals. Only the best ingredients derived from natural sources make their way into our skincare! Find out more about international dealership opportunities.

If You‘re Ready, Let’s Get Started

Create your own cosmetic and skincare brand or distribute our Jai Life brand. Both are possible.

For Beauty Salon Owners

As a beauty salon owner, why not create your own brand of skincare products made with plant and herb ingredients and 100% safe for all skin types, even for users with sensitive skin?

Our skincare products are nourishing, rejuvenating and value-for-money without harmful chemicals. Brand the skincare formulation as your own.

Introduce your own skincare brand to your beauty salon customers. Use the products in your salon professionally or retail them directly to your customers. We work with small, independent beauty salons because we were once just like you.

Small orders, as low as 1 kg, are available. Discover more about this private label service.