Glacier Water

Glacier Water from the Mont Blanc mountain range in the European Alps is known as the purest water in the world. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, it can provide highly moisturizing effect and energy for the skin.

When glacier water is observed under super electron microscope, it shows a perfect hexagonal structure, it can absorbs quickly large amounts of ionized minerals, calcium, magnesium, zinc and sodium into the skin. Besides, its strong calming and moisturizing features, taking good care for
damaged skin and also keeping skin fresh and shiny.

Glacier water contains only 4ppm of mineral salt, in other words, only 0.4mg/L, is 250 times lower than normal mineral water. Therefore, Glacier water is especially suitable for skin care for its purity and low mineralization.

Glacier water suitable for:

  1. Sensitive and/or damaged skin – helps to rebuild skin balance and soothe sensitive skin.
  2. Highly moisturizing effect – its purity can be quickly absorbed by skin and provide prolonged water locking function, therefore Glacier Water is an effective moisturizer.
  3. Anti-aging – Glacier Water contains variety of trace elements required by skin, help to strengthen skin’s matrix and restores elasticity.
  4. Freshness is instantly perceived – the moment Glacier Water contacted with skin, it can be quickly introduced into deep skin, allow the users to feel refreshing and moist.

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