Contract Manufacturing

For Clean Skincare Free from Harmful Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Petroleum Distillates, Sodium Lauryl, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Triclosan.

Our skincare formulations fulfill the requirements set by international HALAL certifying bodies and are never tested on animals. They’re free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, sodium lauryl, sodium laureth sulfates and triclosan.

Jai Life is a premium quality cosmetic and skincare contract manufacturer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with our own GMP-status manufacturing facility to produce and package products free from harmful chemicals.

We offer eco-friendly personal skincare contract manufacturing for small and large retailers, beauty salons, pharmacies, spas and skincare importers besides retailing our own JAYE skincare brand. 

Our skincare formulations fulfill the requirements set by international HALAL certifying bodies. Our products are free from animal-testing and free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfates or triclosan.

Choose from our tried-and-tested formulations of creams, gels, serums, lotions (for contract manufacturing) or choose from our ready JAYE brand of products such as shampoo, soap, moisturizer, serum, sunscreen and toner.

An Environmentally Responsible Business

Our Own GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities

We encourage you to visit our manufacturing facility in Kuala Lumpur to understand the stringent processes which go into eco-friendly cosmetic and skincare production. We’ll show you how we maintain quality standards at every step of the way.

Our skincare uses ethically­-sourced natural ingredients, Eco­Cert ingredients, herbs and plants. Our formulations are free from synthetic ingredients and are preservative­-free whenever possible.

We source for the safest materials and ingredients (some are extracted using biotechnology) while our packaging is 100% recyclable and printed with soy ink.

How Jai Life Can Help You

Cosmetic & Skincare Contract Manufacturing Services

ODM Skincare Manufacturing Services

ODM skincare manufacturing services are recommended if you want an exclusive skincare formulation. We work with you to create a custom formulation. We “lease” this formulation to you and help manufacture the products for you. The formulation rights, however, belong to Jai Life.

Private Labelling Service

Produce your own skincare with your own label using our private labelling services. We’ll guide you through the process. Work with us to ensure your products meet international standards. We will even recommend packaging suppliers, product label and box designers.

OEM Skincare Manufacturing Services

If you already have your own skincare formulation and are looking for an honest and reliable long-term contract manufacturer, you may like to use our OEM skincare manufacturing services. Jai Life will manufacture the products according to the formulation provided by you, the client.

Retail JAYE Skincare Products

If none of the above fit your needs currently, we encourage you to try our own in-house, exclusive product lines – JAYE Herbal and JAYE Basic. Retailing our brand ensures an easier head start in the skincare industry with less financial commitment. Contact us to know more about JAYE skincare.

Partner With Us

Partner with Jai Life for eco-friendly skincare manufacturing that is free from harmful chemicals.

For International Importers

As a skincare retailer in your home country, you understand the needs of your consumer market and would like to try a range of specially formulated skincare for sensitive skin. Work with us to bring Jai Life skincare products in your market. Our skincare range is manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities and comply with the strictest regulatory compliance. Our formulation is guaranteed free from harmful preservatives and nasty chemicals. Only the best ingredients derived from natural sources make their way into our skincare! Find out more about international dealership opportunities.

For Beauty Salon Owners

As a beauty salon owner, why not create your own brand of skincare products made with plant and herb ingredients and safe for all skin types, even for users with sensitive skin? Our skincare products are nourishing, rejuvenating and value-for-money without harmful chemicals. Brand the skincare formulation as your own. Introduce your own skincare brand to your beauty salon customers. Use the products in your salon professionally or retail them directly to your customers. We work with small, independent beauty salons because we were once just like you.

Only the purest for your skin

JAYE Skincare

Skincare that's guaranteed free from animal testing and no harmful chemicals.